Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rebbe | Reserve New Mexico Wedding Photographer

I was so honored to be able to share in Dewey and Sebastian's wedding day! It was my first wedding photography experience and I really enjoyed it!!

The small, intimate gathering was perfect for them as a couple and they were still able to incorporate all the fun wedding traditions like cutting the cake, toasts, etc. They even saved the top tier of their wedding cake. ;)

Your turn: Did you save the top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary??


  1. Lovely pictures! Yes, we kept the top of our cake for our one year anniversary. Our cake was delicious (made by a friend of ours) and I'm looking forward to having it again in 10 months. :)

    1. Thanks Jenna!!! We kept ours as well, but it was not very yummy a year later... haha. Hope yours tastes just as good the second time around!!!